Why to take this course?

  • Go step by step

    Learn how to build a complete service with Eclipse Vertx going step by step. We will start from data access - using JDBC - from familiar concepts and then dive into specifics of Vertx development

  • Understand core components

    Goal of this course to provide an introduction to Vertx core reactive concepts, like Verticles, Eventbus, Eventloop, messaging.

  • Recognized certification

    This course is presented to you by Codesity OU and upon completion you will receive the certificate and the digital badge, issued by EU education provider. These credentials are recognized all over the European Union and the World

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Chapter 1. Getting started
    • Use Vertx Starter to generate a project
    • Add missed dependencies
    • Create MySQL database
  • 2
    Chapter 2. Build a database access layer
    • Define Entity. Mapper design pattern
    • Define Repository interface
    • Save product
    • Remove product
    • Update product
    • Query products by category name
    • Query products in price range
    • Get one product by productId
    • Refactor MySQLProductRepository code
  • 3
    Chapter 3. Data Service
    • Create a verticle
    • Create DataService (Verticle)
    • How to organize code in verticles
    • Connect DataService with IProductRepository
    • Transfer messages with Vertx Eventbus
    • Implement messaging in DataService (Consumer)
    • Inject IProductRepository implementation with Google Guice
  • 4
    Chapter 4. HttpService
    • Create HttpService (Verticle)
    • Handle POST requests
    • Handle PUT requests
    • Handle DELETE requests
    • Handle GET requests, part 1: Query by category
    • Handle GET requests, part 2: Query by price range
    • Handle GET requests, part 3: Query by productId
    • Don't forget about BodyHandler
    • Don't forget about BodyHandler
    • Use config() to inject HTTP port variable
  • 5
    Chapter 5. Testing HTTP API
    • Use Postman to test HTTP API
    • Fix problem with BigDecimal


  • Iurii Mednikov

    CEO and senior instructor

    Iurii Mednikov

    Iurii is Java software engineer and technical blogger. He has a significant experience in building reactive technologies, like Akka and Eclipse Vertx, as well in Spring framework. He also writes to his blog https://www.mednikov.net as well to DZone and Dev.to